How To Help Your Child Win In The Global Marketplace

As one of the world’s leading service companies specializing in premium residential and commercial real estate, Douglas Elliman REAL ESTATE and his partner Knight Frank knows first hand how important the knowledge of another language is. Douglas Elliman and Knight Frank have 21,500 property professionals are speaking 72 languages operating in 60 countries out of 520 offices. In our day to day business we rely on our multilingual agents.

Here is how you can help your child get a head start in life too. Have them start learning a world language at an early age.

True to our German roots, Alwin Morgenstern Douglas Elliman REAL ESTATE – Orange County is happy to announce his sponsorship of:

German School Campus in Newport Beach has been serving the Orange County community with quality German language classes, high school German language tutoring and professional test preparation (AP German, SAT German Subject Test, German National Exam).
Adults who need to relocate to Germany or want to work in the international marketplace will benefit of German School Campus’ language classes especially geared towards professionals.

Why German?

With over 200 million speakers, German is a language of global importance. (AATG)

Did you know that Germany is leading in STEM fields and German is the second most common scientific language in the world?

According to experts German is one of the top three languages for children to learn if they’re looking for success in the next 10 years (Heathrow, the Center for Economics and Business Research and Opinion)

Try German!

German School Campus is offering a STEM/Language Summer camp end of June 2019. Children ages 6 – 17 get immersed into hands-on scientific experiments while playfully being introduced to the German language, or work in groups for advanced German learners. Adventure outings right on the Newport Bay roundup each camp day.

Get to know us!

German School Campus, 1931 West Coast Hwy, Newport Beach CA
Phone: (949) 285 0829
School President: Ursula Schoeneich

Are you ready to check out the school?

German School Campus – 1931 West Coast Hwy – Newport Beach – CA